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Early Years Curriculum

Our Early Years class offers our youngest children an exceptional first educational experience that will introduce them to the joys of learning. Our curriculums are stimulating, creative and integrated, with specific guidance on personal, social and emotional development. Our aim is for all our pupils to feel happy, confident, secure and cared for in a well-resourced and an attractive setting. Physical development Our curriculums not only acts as a transition between home and school but also starts children off with the learning habits necessary to access education at a later age. The curriculum underpins all future learning by supporting, fostering, promoting and developing children’s experience. The early formative years marks the period when they begin to make sense of their world through a broad and balanced learning environment. To achieve this, we run both the EVFS and Montessori curriculum at the early year.

There are six areas covered by the early learning goals

Personal, Social And Emotional Development

Recitation And Memorization Of The Holy Qur’an


Islamic Knowledge & Understanding Of The World

Jolly phonics, Reasoning, Mathematical Development and Science


Physical Development


Communication, Language And Literacy In Both English And Arabic


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